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Startup or established, IoT adoption starts with planning. We’ll help you create a go-to-market strategy that keeps you ahead of the competition.


Innovation is the first thing we look for in our partners. Great IoT projects are less about technology and more about how to solve real-world challenges.


Our value-chain is designed to streamline your IoT road-map… That’s just a fancy way of saying that we’ve got you covered from concept > market.


We leverage our industry and news media network to create awareness around your IoT solution with potential customers.

As your redcell, we have your back

There are some great technology providers out there.  We help you find and integrate IoT technologies and services that are robust, cost-effective, and justify you needs.


Technology is complex, that’s just fact.  We make it simple.  Many company IoT integrations fail not from lack of vision, but a simple lack of technology experience.  We help you side-step the double whammy in opportunity and development costs.

By keeping your valuable time, capital and human resources laser focused on core revenue generating activities, we help you successfully execute a cost-effective IoT go-to-market plan.

Choice (w/o choosing)

The numbers are staggering and the possibilities endless.  The number of IoT sensors, wireless networks, and cloud platforms to choose from is enough to give, even seasoned product managers, analysis paralysis.

The good news is that we offer the best of both worlds:
Expert selection, sourced from a wide collection of
innovative IoT technologies and services.


Nothing matters without results. Measurable results are the realization of the stated goal and form the basis of everything we do.

Most of our customers’ goals are multi-pronged of varying priority.  Boosting profits is always important, but sometimes customers take a longer view by penetrating emerging markets, or improving worker safety, or creating solutions that encourage environmental stewardship. Regardless, our goals and those of our customer are one and the same.

dominionRED is a multi-vertical IoT consulting firm.  We help companies build and launch smart-enable products.

Our approach is simple.  We do the heavy lifting so that our customers can focus on doing what they do best.  And what we do best is actualizing IoT solutions.  We provide the guidance, knowledge, and technologies to stay ahead of the pack in the highly competitive IoT space.

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