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ISO Certified Tanks, the New Standard for Municipal Water

October 5th, 2020

While the US ranks as the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP, much of the nation’s critical infrastructure is in neglect. It’s estimated that 21.8% of roads and 7.6% of bridges are in some state of disrepair. The nation’s network of aging municipal water tanks is also not faring too well. Encouragingly, local, state, and federal funding for critical public infrastructure projects — such as the EPA 2020 Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program — means that these tanks are finally getting some much needed attention.

Case in Point: In the township of Smithville Ohio, officials are breaking ground for a new ISO certified 250,000 gal municipal water tank to replace the old 100,000 gal tower erected over 80 years ago. Built to ISO standards the tank will increase the capacity and pressure of potable water for use by households, growers, and firefighters. Constructed of various types of protective layers, the new tank system will be integrated with modern SCADA technology enabling officials to monitor water levels and pressure between the well field, the water treatment plant, and the new water tower.

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