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QR Technology, the comeback kid in the product packaging industry

November 16th, 2020

For those who believe that everything moves in circles, the Covid-19 pandemic is sparking resurgence in QR code technology in the product packaging industry. Coined “smart connected packaging” the ubiquitous QR image provides consumers unprecedented access to product providence information, promotions, gamification opportunities, and social media interactions. However, it’s upstream where the real value of QR (and NFC) technologies may indeed lie. While traditional product marketing remains passive, QR codes help bridge the physical-digital divide by connecting end-consumers with rich sources of value-added, relevant information straight from stakeholders up and down the supply-chain. And by integrating native track & trace QR functionality with IoT sensors, industrial automation, and the blockchain manufacturers are building highly secure custody-chains capable of monitoring the location, condition, and origin of ingredients which make up the final product.

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