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It takes time to formulate a good strategy and find a technology partner who knows how to navigate the regulatory landscape and keep your development costs at bay. As an IoT consultancy, dominionRED works closely in an advisory role with your product development, sales and marketing department to ensure every phase of your IoT project happens step-wise and with ROI in mind.

By providing you with a framework of technology, development, and business resources, we free you to focus on core business activities while executing your IoT goals.

Strategy & Planning

Embracing the IoT doesn't need to be hard.
We work with you to create a common sense IoT integration plan with your goals in mind. Our "purposeful enablement" approach ensures that your technology investment is accountable, scalable, and sustainable. By working with your team, we help you conceptualize, finance, and plan your IoT initiative. We sort through thousands of technologies, confusing regulations, and a shifting global markets, so you don't have to.

Road-mapping & Development

Quick, nimble, and streamlined development
With thousands of options to consider, we offer the know-how and connections you need to build a runway and launch your IoT-enabled solution. We help you cut development time, complexity, and costs by combining the best technologies, platforms, and methodologies sourced from qualified IoT technology providers. As your single-source IoT resource, we have your back.


Don't just go-to-market, go-to-revenue
Execution is the exciting part of the life-cycle. Now that the wheels are up, your go-to-market plans don't end here. By adopting a disciplined implement > measure > optimize approach, you're able to make short manageable sprints towards solving the evolving needs of your customers and identifying monetization opportunities in a scalable and purposeful way.

Outreach & Lead Gen

Create brand awareness and empower your sales-channel partners
Positioning your brand in the minds of your target audience is key to driving market-share and revenue. But, with any successful messaging campaign, it's more important what NOT to say. Simple, clean, and compelling content creates powerful ideas in the minds of your audience. Whether via industry publications, social, or the news media we can help you get the word out without giving the competition a leg up.