Smart farming boosts crop yields while maintaining output quality, in a sustainable, safe, and environmentally responsible way.


Distribution, Fleet & Logistics

Smart shipping lowers risk and harmonizes demand/supply curves by enabling real-time track & trace over land or sea.


Heavy Equipment & Mining

Smart operations utilize asset management and predictive maintenance technologies that improve productivity, safety, and keep equipment generating revenue.


Infrastructure & Utilities

Smart cities facilitate the shift from re-active to pro-active operations that leverage existing infrastructure assets, rein in OPEX, and keep the lights burning.


Oil & Gas

Smart energy enables real-time management of remote rigs, pumps and pipeline assets and the materials that flow through them.



Smart FABs transform discreet & process manufacturing from a reactive collection of processes into a highly-efficient operation of proactive workflows.


Pharma & Life Sciences

Smart custody-chains improve the visibility, supply and authenticity of drugs and medical devices in a synergistic and value-added way.


Technology Service Providers

Smart technologies represent the means (not the end) through which sustainable value, future-proof investments, and focus on enterprise core-competencies are realized.



Smart travel is fundamentally improving vehicle safety and efficiency, but also transforming the act of moving from A to B into a journey of interactive and engaging experiences.


Industry-agnostic, the IoT lifts all boats

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