Monitor, measure & manage your assets far and wide.



When the where is anywhere, we can help with the how and the how much.



Insights > How, When, and Where you need them.


Enablement with a Purpose

dominionRED is the Fulcrum, Technology, the lever

When it comes to tech, it’s a jungle out there!

The IoT is here to stay. But will you be ready? Which devices, wireless networks, and cloud platforms make sense for you or your customers? And who can you trust to get your IoT project built, tested, and out-the door?

dominionRED makes it easy. We have the experience and track record of helping our customers integrate innovative IoT solutions and future-proof their offerings.

The Brain

In the information life-cycle, data streams from your edge assets over communication networks to the cloud. We help you transform information into real-world insights and knowledge.

The Nerves

Cellular is the king of the hill when connecting your IoT assets to the cloud. But satellite and LPWAN networks are also becoming viable options, given their anywhere, anytime reach. We help you decide which is best for you.

The Edge

Your IoT sensors stream data from your remote assets to local intelligent-gateways for analysis. We help you build the smarts that keep your assets running safely on the ground and the insights you need in the cloud.